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Earth Science Data Analytics

Geoinformatics and Exploration Data Analysis

Make sense of complex data sets to better understand the geospatial distribution and variance of exploration data

Geometallurgy and Geochemistry Domain Mapping and Characterisation

Integrate geology and mineral processing data to map and characterise geometallurgical domains and their processing behaviour

Environmental Mineralogy and Fluid Flow Characterisation

Characterise mineral assemblages and fluid flow behaviour to assess environmental implications and fluid-rock reactivity

Data Analytics and Predictive Statistics

Using modern data analytics tools like Python for applied mathematics, data deconvolution, interactive visualisation, and predicting the future

On-site and Remote QEMSCAN Training and Support

Introductions to Ore Deposit Geology, Geometallurgy, Mineral Processing, and Python scripting. Sample Preparation, System Operation, Data Analysis, SIP Development, and Interpretation

Geoscience Web App Development

Customised web applications specifically designed for your needs in geoscience data analysis and visualisation

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